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Hot Drinks

All of our hot drinks are served with a piece of shortbread. We also have decaffeinated and skinny coffee available.



Enjoy the smooth, full-bodied taste of our coffee blend. Our beans are sourced from Brazil, Central America and India, and are Rainforest Alliance certified


Espresso | Single £2.00 Double £2.45

Americano | Regular £2.45 Large £2.60

Cappuccino | Regular £2.95 Large £3.10

Latte | Regular £2.95 Large £3.10

Flat white | £2.95

Mocha | Regular £2.95 Large £3.10

Babyccino | £0.99

Hot foamed milk and chocolate sprinkles


Add some flavour to your coffee: Hazelnut | Vanilla | Salted Caramel | Gingerbread 

Add an extra shot to your coffee for 50p




Twinings Everyday Tea | £2.35


Twinings Speciality Tea | £2.45

Ask a team member for our selection


Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate | £3.10

Ultimate hot chocolate | £3.55

Whipped cream, Cadbury™ 99 Flake and mini marshmallows


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