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A little about the Cellars…

The cellars in Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem hold a wealth of history, along with some haunted tales and a LOT of beer. The caves are extensive and can lead you a long way underground, far into Nottingham City Centre. The cellars also house the old cock fighting pit and a route up into Nottingham Castle. The Cellars were the main part of the Inn at one time, though with such a high demand from visitors, the pub had to grow and uses the caves as the cellars now. They keep the beer super cool even on the hottest summer days.
Cellar Tours Ye Olde Trip

Cellar Tours available to book!

Cellar tours are available and will give you all the details you crave if you are keen on history. You may need to book in advance, especially in peak season as we are a popular site to visit in Nottingham. You will see the speaking tube that was bored through to the castle for ordering beer and the cock pit, the extensive amount of barrels and much more but most importantly you will be able to pour your own pint!


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