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Watch the pounds,
and the pennies


2018 is finally upon us, and chances are you've set yourself a new year's resolution you'd really love to stick to.

Well, to help you not become one of the two-thirds of people every year that break their resolution in the first few weeks, we’ve put together this lovely little menu to help you keep your promise. The solutions to your resolutions, if you will!

Watching the pounds?

Fear not, as these lighter dishes are perfect for you and all come in under 700 calories for just £5 each...


Freekeh Grain Salad with Chicken

500 Calories

Mixed leaves and cucumber tossed with Freekeh: a toasted, cracked green wheat; with celery, mint, sultana and chickpea salad topped with sliced
grilled chicken breast.




Chicken breast with chickpea & chorizo stew

650 Calories

Succulent grilled chicken breast served on buttered baby potatoes with green beans, finished with a chorizo, chickpea, grilled pepper and tomato stew.




House Salad

300 Calories

Mixed leaves, sliced cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cress, Roquito® peppers, roasted peppers, roasted red onion and a French dressing.




Watching the pounds but craving a G&T?

Make it a Tanqueray & Slimline Tonic – only 60 calories!


Watching the pennies?

These delicious dishes have all been reduced to just a fiver each, for a limited time only...


Rump Steak Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

28-day aged rump steak loaded into a giant Yorkshire pudding with sage and onion stuffing. Served with gourmet chips, peas, horseradish sauce and gravy




Pork Belly

Slow cooked pork belly served with creamy mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy. 




Watching the pennies but fancy a glass of something?

Why not ask for one of our great value wines at the bar?




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