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Steaktastic! Steak from £5 every Monday & Tuesday


Get hold of one of our flaming great steaks from as little as £5 all day Monday & Tuesday!


Our best ever flame grilled dishes. Fresh from the flame!
Our steaks, grilled your way!

8OZ* RUMP £5

A strong flavour, enhanced by our flame-grill. Served with grilled tomato, chips and peas



4oz* rump steak, Whitby scampi and a chicken fillet. Served with grilled tomato chips & peas  


8OZ* SIRLOIN £8.50

Tender, tasty and perfect for flame-grilling! served with grilled tomato chips and peas


9OZ* RIBEYE £8.50

Marbling gives this an incredible flavour. Served with grilled tomato, chips and peas


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