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Come along to the Summit Inn and enjoy our delicious menu with plenty of dishes to entice you. With great new challenges for feast lovers, some moreish meat offerings and some lighter options, we have something for everyone this Spring.



Treat yourself to one of our three new freakshakes for the ultimate mashup of drink and dessert. All our freakshakes are blended vanilla flavoured ice cream, mini marshmallows, double cream and milk

Which one gets your vote?


Cookie Dough Cheesecake Freakshake

Freakshake blended with cookie dough cheesecake. With toffee flavour sauce, topped with cream and cookie dough cheesecake


Donut Freakshake

Freakshake blended with a donut. With raspberry coulis and topped with cream and 2 mini donuts


Snicker Bocker Glory Freakshake

Freakshake blended with peanut-flavour brownie stack. With chocolate flavour sauce, topped with cream and a peanut-flavour brownie stack


mix it up!


Try our new Chick 'N' Mix and enjoy your chicken the way you like it!


Choose Two Chicken Items

6 Louisiana-style Chicken Strips | 6 Chicken Wings | 1 Southern Fried Chicken Skewer | 6 Charcoal Chicken Bites | 2 Chicken Fillets | 1 Chicken Skewer | 5 Battered Chicken Balls


Pick your sauce

Texan-style BBQ | Buffalo | Flaming Hot Sriracha | Lemon & Garlic 


Pick two sides

Seasoned Fries | Chips | Waffle Fries | Our Dressed Side Salad | Mac 'N' Cheese | Garlic Bread | Corn on the Cob | Coleslaw | Onion Rings | Baked Beans in BBQ Sauce with Jack Daniels


Smoked Meat Grill

Cooked the way you like it!


Get down and dirty with our delicious new range of burgers! You won't be dissapointed...


Smokehouse Meat Grill

Smoked beef brisket, smoked belly pork slices and smoked pork sausage on our sizzling skillet with fried onions. Served with chips, corn on the cob and baked beans in BBQ sauce with Jack Daniel’s®


Smoked Brisket

Smoked beef brisket on our sizzling skillet with fried onions. Served with chips, corn on the cob and baked beans in BBQ sauce with Jack Daniel’s®


Gourmet Burger & Signature Stack Burger

Get stuck in!


Get down and dirty with our delicious new range of burgers! You won't be dissapointed...


Gourmet Burger

Flame-grilled beef burger with burger sauce, topped with smoked streaky bacon, cheese and a fried egg


Miso & Hoisin Veggie Burger v

With mayo and topped with sweet chilli sauce



can you defeat it?


It wouldn't be a new menu without new additions to our Flaming Challenges for you to get your teeth in to. Indulge in the Rib-A-Saurus or take on the Mixed Grill Challenge if you have the stomach for it!

Don't forget you can get 25% off any of these every Friday.


Mixed Grill Challenge

8oz* flamed-grilled sirloin steak, 3 pork sausages, 8oz* flame-grilled gammon, 3 chicken fillets, served with 2 fried eggs, 6 onion rings, grilled tomato, a large portion of chips and peas


Rib-a-Saurus Challenge

Giant rack of smoked pork ribs coated in Texan-style BBQ glaze, served with a large portion of seasoned fries, 2 corn on the cobs, coleslaw and baked beans in BBQ sauce with Jack Daniel’s®


The Hell Hound

2 giant hot dogs loaded with fried onions and piri piri sauce. One topped with chilli con carne and one with piri piri pulled pork; both topped with cheese, sour cream and jalapeños. Served with a stack of seasoned fries, 6 onion rings and corn on the cob     


how will you top yours?


We have spiced up our salads with a new range of delicious toppings to prove that salads aren't always boring! We serve your chosen topping on a bed of flame grilled red peppers on our sizzling skillet. Served with mixed salad leaves, red onion, tomato wedges, slices of cucumber and fresh Mexican salsa. All that is left for you to do is decide how you will top yours?


Choose from:

BBQ Glazed 4oz* Rump | Buffalo Charcoal Chicken Hot Rocks | Sweet Chilli Grilled Salmon† | Sweet Chilli Grilled Salmon v


vegan fish 'n' chips


Following the success of our vegan dishes we have now introduced a dedicated vegan menu at the Summit Inn so that you can enjoy your vegan favourites whenever you come.


As part of the new menu you can enjoy the delicious Miso & Hoisin Burger, nestled between a poppy seed bun, topped with sweet chilli sauce and iceberg lettuce. You can also try our vegan take on the pub classic fish 'n' chips made with our succulent fish-free fillets coated in golden breadcrumbs. 


If it is something sweeter you are after you can enjoy our Chocolate & Coconut torte, a wonderfully rich dessert served with vegan ice cream.


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