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Lunch Club

Sandwich, Chips & Drink or Jacket With Two Toppings & A Drink

Available Monday to Saturday until 5pm



Choose white or brown bloomer bread, a tortilla wrap, or a soft roll. Served with a dressed salad garnish.


Cheese & Chutney

Mature Cheddar cheese, caramelised red onion chutney and lettuce. (v) (under 700 calories)


Southern Fried Chicken

With lettuce and BBQ sauce. 


Hunter’s Chicken

Chicken breast, smoked streaky bacon, melted cheese, BBQ sauce and lettuce. 


BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ pulled pork with melted cheese, sour cream and lettuce


Cod Goujons†

Hand-battered cod goujons with tartare sauce and lettuce. 


Rump Steak Melt

28-day aged rump steak, with mature Cheddar cheese, caramelised red onion chutney and lettuce.


Grilled Halloumi

Grilled halloumi with roasted red onions and peppers (v)


Tuna Mayo†

Tuna mayonnaise and lettuce (under 550 calories)



Jacket Potatoes

All jackets are served with butter and a dressed mixed salad.


Cheese v


Beef Chilli


Baked Beans


Tuna Mayo†




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