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Our burgers are freshly char-grilled to orderand served with shredded iceberg lettuce and skin-on fries, with sea salt & rosemary seasoning.


Chargrilled sweet chilli

Marinated chargrilled chicken in a sweet chilli sauce, mayonnaise and herb garnish served with a sweet chilli dip (<600)

Smokin Jack burger

Beef burger, Monterey Jack cheese, burnt ends in BBQ with Jack Daniel's®** and sautéed onions

Signature gourmet steak

Steak burger topped with Monteray Jack cheese and smoked streaky bacon, topped with a fried free range egg

Asian burger

Miso, hoisin, vegetable & lentil burger in a poppy seed bun, with sweet chilli sauce (Ve) (<600)


All-American chicken burger

Southern-fried chicken fillet with mayonnaise, topped with cheese and smoked streaky bacon


New York deli burger

Beef burger, loaded with pastrami, cheese, sliced gherkins and burger sauce


Cheese & bacon burger

Beef burger with smoked streaky bacon, cheese and burger sauce



Beef burger with cheese and burger sauce (<600)




(<600) Under 600 Calories when you swap your fries and burger bun for our house salad on any single burger. (V) Suitable for vegetarians. (Ve) Suitable for vegans. + Excludes all-American chicken and vegan burgers. ** Contains alcohol

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