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About Ye Olde London


It is one of London’s most historic areas and can trace its history back many years. It was originally built in 1749 on the site of an old London Coffee House where all the leading people of the time would meet to debate all the new scientific and philosophical theories of the day including Joseph Priestley and Benjamin Franklin.Ancient London’s Roman ramparts ran close to the site, with the Ludgate forming part of the fortifications that were built to safeguard a burial site situated where Fleet Street is now. The gate was demolished in 1760 but its position is kept alive by a blue plaque on St Martin’s Church next door to Ye Olde London. St Martin’s church is usually missed by visitors to St Paul’s but it has just as an impressive history dating back to 1167. It was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London by Christopher Wren and is often thought to be one of his more remarkable churches with its tall lead-black spire in contrast to the pale dome of Wren’s more famous St Paul’s.Ye Olde London building fits perfectly into the London of yesteryear with its frosted windows and old wooden framed frontage and cosy street level bar but it also has a spacious downstairs bar and outside terrace. Everything about the offer, service and level of comfort though are what you would expect from the 21st century with great pub food and a large range of cask ales and other drinks on offer.

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