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About Silver Cross


A large British pub situated in the heart of London, the Silver Cross is a two floor pub with large dining areas and is ideal for families and large groups looking for lunch or dinner. Group bookings are always welcome. The Silver Cross is said to have a resident ghost. Over the years there have been some strange occurrences in a certain area of the pub with residents reportedly hearing strange noises and even witnessing pictures falling off the wall. One night, when a former Deputy Manager was closing up, she locked the pub doors and went down to the office to cash up the tills. When she returned she thought she saw a lady walk around the corner into the haunted area. She presumed the lady must have been in toilet when she closed up and was trying to get out so she called out, but nobody answered. When she went around to the area, it was empty. The area the ghost is said to haunt was apparently once a brothel back in the 1800's and was said to be frequented by royalty. The ghost is said to be a young female prostitute who was murdered here. This area has been altered over the years, but old maps throw up items of interest. An Ordnance Survey map of 1871 indicates a public house on this site. The same map indicates the ‘site of Cromwell's House’ on the other side of the road.

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