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About Packhorse & Talbot


The Packhorse & Talbot has been a pub in one form or another since the 17th century. Situated on the Chiswick High Road, it has seen a number of prominent visitors over the years. In 1696 some of the conspirators plotting to assassinate William III met in this pub. One of the witnesses at Jonathan Wilde's trial was Hays of The Pack Horse. During the 18th Century, Jonathan Wild was perhaps the most infamous criminal of London, and possibly Great Britain. This was attributed to not only his actions, but also the uses novelists, playwrights, and political satirists made of them. He invented a scheme which allowed him to run one of the most successful gangs of thieves of the era, all the while appearing to be the nation's leading policeman. The Packhorse & Talbot is conveniently situated for shopping on the Chiswick High Road, is close to Turnham Green tube station and is convenient for Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Brentford, Acton and Notting Hill

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