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About Imperial


The Imperial’s name is said in honour of Queen Victoria. Victoria’s reign lasted 63 years and 7 months, the longest monarch reign to date. During her reign, Victoria witnessed the great expansion of the British Empire, leading it to become the foremost global power of the time.The Imperial resides upon Leicester Street, to the North West of Leicester Square. The square is named after Robert Sidney, who is the second earl of Leicester. He purchased four aches in 1630, within five years he built himself a large house, Leicester house, upon which the pub now lies. The area Soho was a former hunting ground for Henry VIII, and is named after the sound hunters used to call whilst hunting. Today, Leicester square is renowned centre of London for cinema, theatre and entertainment, film premiers. The Imperial has played host to some of the world’s most famous actors, performers and personalities. The likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Elijah Wood and Kate Moss have all be known to have enjoyed a drink here, and if you are particular lucky, you may bump in to the stars of Mamma Mia, which is being performed around the corner. It is truly one of London’s great establishments, as it still retains much of its original features over 150 years on.

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