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About Greencoat Boy


The Greencoat Boy is 5 minutes walk from Westminster Abbey and 10 minutes walk from Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace. Our building epitomises Victorian design at its very best. We're steeped in history but In more recent times, we play host to the likes of channel 4 personalities who pop in for a pint from the studios that are round the corner. If you are lucky, you may share a jar with Alex Zain or even Ben Sheppard. Our name commemorates the Green Coat Hospital School in Tothill fields. Established in 1633, the School was so called from the colour of the children's clothes. It was confirmed and constituted by letters patent from King Charles I., November 15th in that year, as a school for the relief of the poor fatherless children of St. Margaret's, Westminster. The King gave approximately £50 every year towards the support. When the school was rebuilt in 1700, the celebrated Doctor Busby was a liberal benefactor to the funds necessary for that purpose. The management is vested in twenty governors, and the children are clothed, educated, and wholly maintained by the funds in the possession of the governors. Our trading areas are sited over two floors. At ground level is the open plan main bar with a raised section and a combination of dining level seating and butchers blocks providing seating for 50 people. In the basement is a second bar and function room / dining room with seating for an additional 50 people. In good weather the outside area is extremely popular since it is the only pub nearby that offers outside drinking.

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