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About Fountains Abbey


Fountains Abbey dates back to 1823 and, as you would expect, has fascinating historical connections that make this pub hard to miss, least of all for its magnificent Victorian exterior. The story goes that Sir Alex Fleming not only drank at Fountains Abbey, but more significantly, the spores he used to make penicillin came from this ale house. The Fountain Abbey is full of character and elaborate décor, including a floor to ceiling stone fire place that stands proudly in the pub. We're located right opposite St Marys Hospital in Paddington. It's not all about the history, we serve iconic pub food dishes and a great range of real ales and fine wines. Try our classics like hand-battered fish and chips, pie and mash and succulent burgers. Fountains Abbey shows all major sports and also has a heated outdoor areas and an upstairs dining room. This can cater for 50 guests seated and up to 100 standing.

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