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About Bag O`Nails


The Bag O Nails pub in Victoria, London The original sign showed a satyr of the woods and a group of jolly dogs called Bacchanals, but the satyr being painted black with cloven feet was called the Devil by common people, where the bacchanals were transmuted to a comical process into a Bag O'Nails, after the play by Ben Jonson.From 1820 onward the new Grosvenor Belgravia estate was in the process of development by Matthew Cotes Wyatt and John Howell, and this tavern was completed and leased to them for an annual rent of £50. The Bag O Nails pub in Victoria, London The name of the tavern was only formally changed from the Devil & Bag O Nails as late as 1905, with the lease of 6 Buckingham Palace Road to Mr Henry Guest, licensed victualler. The pub opened shortly after George III bought the Duke of Buckingham’s London home.

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