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Order and pay from your phone



You can now order and pay for your food and drink from the comfort of your table - it’s easy to use and quick to order. Download the Greene King app before you come or simply connect to our wifi and download when you’re there. 


Plus we’ll give you 20% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER! So what are you waiting for?  






Why do I need it?

Pubs nearb

Find your local

Our app lets you find your nearest pub quickly and easily.
Favourite Pubs

Your favourites

You can choose your favourite pubs and navigate to them quickly to start ordering your food and drink.
Book a table

For your convenience

Book a table at your favourite pub from anywhere.
Search dishes

Find your favourite dish

You can search our menu quickly and easily to get exactly what you want.

Exclusive offers

Get all the best offers and deals straight from your phone.
Pay options

Paying is easy

You can complete your order from the comfort of your seat with Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal or card.



How does it work


1. Take a seat

2. Place your order in the app

3. Relax at your table

4. Enjoy great food and drink


Where can I use it?


Use the map below to find out where you can use our great new Order & Pay app and get ahead of the crowd!



Download the Order & Pay app today


Free drink when you sign up