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The Grenadier Historic London Pub

About Adam & Eve


Dating back to the 1700s, the Adam and Eve is one of the oldest pubs in Westminster. In the late 1660s, this street corner pub was formerly a busy haunt for French war merchants, who proceeded to build their pier de terre in the area. Due to the large influx of French visitors, the region was justly nicknamed ‘Petite France’, which over the course of time and years of mispronunciation, became what it is known as today, Petty France!Situated just minutes from the pub are Wellington Barracks. On 31st August 2007, Prince William and Prince Harry orchestrated a memorial service held at Guards Chapel in honour of the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.The Adam and Eve is located in what is often referred to as the seat of parliamentary and government power for over 900 years. As such, the Adam and Eve played host to government ministers and officials, who were summoned to vote by means of a parliamentary bell that hung in the pub.