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Pubs with Character


At Granta we have great personalities that make our pub what it is, going from our chefs & landlords through to the regulars, this is what makes our pubs so unique and gives the pub its character that we love!




It’s the people at Granta that make the pub what it is - passionate, friendly, reliable and honest. From welcoming customers and serving drinks to creating perfect dishes and celebrating occasions, we have characters within our pub that can tell many stories and experiences.




The Granta is filled with brewers and distillers with character! We have some exciting products in our range including some exciting craft beer, delicious ciders & spirits and more. 




Our pub is more than just bricks and mortar. The real foundations are the people and communities that they bring together. The Granta can be anything you want it to be – the place where friendships are made, where many fall in love, where life is celebrated and where memories of friends and family are shared.

The pub is unique, and our characters within it each with a different tale to tell. What we can guarantee every time you visit is a real passion for serving customers, great food and perfect pints in a welcoming, friendly and lively atmosphere.

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