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Ted Jones


The Scene


What does it capture – the designers view?

I'm really pleased with how the final scene came out - it was fun trying to capture that 'larger than life' feeling of finally being back at the pub with all the bright colours, positive energy and people interacting with each other.


What is it about the pub you have missed the most during lockdown?

Just the buzz, the atmosphere - especially on a sunny day, seeing everyone out in the beer garden together, catching up and enjoying the heat. Then you take a sip from a fresh, cold pint and do that thing where you lean back and look at the sun through closed eyes, just feeling the warmth on your face. That's proper relaxation, there's nothing like it!


The pub is known as ‘a great British institution’ what do you think makes it this?

In America you have bars, in the Netherlands you've got coffeeshops - but the pub belongs to Britain. It's part of our culture, the sort of place you can have a full sit down meal or a drink with your mates - or both, I can't think of another venue that does that as well as our pubs do.


Pubs hold fond memories for many, what is your favourite pub memory?

A mate of mine had just had a baby, but his wife had to go back into hospital a few weeks after. I went over to keep his spirits up and help out, and we went for a walk to the local pub. We sat there in the pub garden and had a proper catch up. While he gave his baby a bottle, I held up his beer so he could have a sip - I'm sure it looked daft from a distance, but it was a good laugh helped cheer him up. That's the sort of wholesome stuff I love about a trip to the pub.