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Clare Mallison


The Scene


What does it capture – the artist view?

I think we are all craving being amongst a crowd, over hearing snippets of conservations and people watching, that is what I have missed, and I hope I have captured this within my drawing.


What is it about the pub you have missed the most during lockdown?

Most definitely my friends, there is nothing like sitting down with a good bunch of mates, enjoying a drink and being surrounded by people doing the same. Also, I have really missed a proper draft pint and a packet of peanuts.


The pub is known as ‘a great British institution’ what do you think makes it this?

They're a great social hub for cities, villages and towns, it's a cosy relaxing space that's for everyone - students, families, friends and locals of all ages from all walks of life.  


Pubs hold fond memories for many, what is your favourite pub memory?

I do not know I have so many and a few of them I can't quite remember haha.  Most recently it was sitting outside our local to have our first drink since lock down. It was also my eight-month-old son's first pub visit.



Clare Mallison, is from Surrey, England. She attended Kingston University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in illustration. She loves to work in pen and ink, pencil, or marker pens to create her figurative illustration. Her natural drawing style relies heavily upon lines and is mostly black-and-white with spot colour.