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So you think you’ve got what it takes then, yeah?


...if you haven’t you should probably flick back to our main menu and we’ll say no more about it.

But if you think you have then you're in the right place. We’ve upped our game so you better do the same, we've got plenty of tasty challenges for you to get your teeth into!.

So choose your challenge below, book your table and see if you've got what it takes to defeat a challenge. If you manage it we'll reward you with a certificate.



6 Louisiana-style chicken strips, 5 battered chicken balls, 6 chicken wings, a southern fried chicken skewer and a chicken skewer. Served with a large portion of seasoned fries, 2 corn on the cobs, 2 garlic bread slices, coleslaw, dressed salad leaves, baked beans in BBQ sauce with Jack Daniel's,® sweet chilli and Texan-style BBQ sauce



Giant rack of smoked pork ribs coated in Texan-style BBQ glaze, served with a large portion of seasoned fries, 2 corn on the cobs, coleslaw and baked beans in BBQ sauce with Jack Daniel’s®



2 giant hot dogs loaded with fried onions and piri piri sauce. One topped with chilli con carne and one with piri piri pulled pork; both topped with cheese, sour cream and jalapeños. Served with a stack of seasoned fries, 6 onion rings^ and corn on the cob.



4 flame-grilled beef burgers with cheese, fried onions, 2 smoked streaky bacon rasher and BBQ pulled pork, with iceberg lettuce and burger sauce in a bun. Served with 6 onion rings^, corn on the cob, a stack of seasoned fries and Texan-style BBQ sauce



2kg* of BBQ chicken wings served with TABASCO® Chipotle sauce and TABASCO® Habanero sauce


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