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At our Flaming Grill pubs we have something for everyone - our pubs are a great place to meet with friends, family and fellow sports fans to enjoy a great range of food and drink.

We're famous for flame-grilled food and sizzling skillets. All of our steaks are 28 days matured and there's nowhere better to get a pint when the football's on!

So what are you waiting for?

Find your local Flaming Grill and see what’s going on near you.



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Flaming Challenges

Take on one of our challenges if you think you have what it takes!

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Flaming Great Deals

All our Flaming Grill pubs have a selection of weekly deals to tempt you to pay us a visit. 

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Live Sporting Action

Come in and grab something hot and tasty, before, during or after the game.

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Fresh From the Flame
Steaks Fresh from the flame

From the roaring fire under the grill, to the sweet smoky scent coming from our kitchen - we're passionate about all things Flaming Grill.

Not only is grilling one of the healthiest forms of cooking, but it also means we get the best and boldest flavours! That’s what we’re all about, flavour. We get that one size doesn’t fit all so we make it easy for you to express yourself and personalise your dish with our steak toppers, sides and sauces for a real taste adventure! We love our sizzling skillets, but if you’d rather your meal be served on a plate please ask when ordering.


When you order your steak at the bar don't forget to let us know how you would like it cooked.


The steak will be browned over the surface and perfectly pink in the middle. This it the steak for a true carnivore. 


Ask any chef how they like their steak prepared and they will almost all say medium rare.  


This is the best level of doneness - a real peope pleaser.


This is the steak for those who don't want any pinkness in their meat. If you usually order your steak well done. Why not try this instead?


Most people will tell you this is the steak for people who don't like steak..however it is a popular request so as great grillers we know how to do it properly.




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