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Woodforde's brewery is hidden away in the heart of Norfolk, where they have been since the their inception in 1981. Their home at Woodbastwick is where all the hard work and craft takes place, and it is this passion that has brought the brewery incredible success over the years. They have picked up two Supreme Champion Beer of Britain awards across their 30 year history for their Norfolk Nog and Wherry Best Bitter beers. Their tasty traditional brews are proudly found on tap nationwide for the people to enjoy.


The brewery have spent a lifetime exploring what it takes to make the unequalled brew for drinkers worldwide, from their state-of-the-art brewery nestled in the Norfolk Broads.


Having brewed some of the best British beer over more than three decades, they always take pride in every element of brewing, selecting ingredients meticulously to ensure they are of the right quality and origin. Only the richest are hops are used for any of their creations, along with ancient water sourced from deep below the brewery and the best barley in the world which is grown in Norfolk by local farmers.


Mastercrafters of speciality beers, the brewery has spent a lifetime exploring what it takes to make the unequalled brew for the world to consume – from a state-of-the-art brewery located within the winding Norfolk Broads.


Brewing some of the best British beer for the past three decades, they have always taken pride in what we do, methodically selecting all ingredients for their quality and origin, using only the finest hops for their beers. On top of this they also use ancient water from deep beneath the brewery and the best barley in the world - grown by the local farmers.


Whilst there is a wealth of innovation going on, the local favourites retain pride of place, respecting tradition and showing that the quality is as representative today as it was the day they began.




*Available in selected Greene King Pubs this autumn

Norfolk Nog Dark Ale
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    Cask: 4.6%

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    Maris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate

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    Fuggles, Goldings




A Supreme Champion Beer of Britain! Our deep, ruby-red ale graces the senses with comforting splashes of warm hints. Inside, you’ll find a rich, chocolatey taste, tucked away with liquorice and treacle. All enveloped in a velvety blanket, for a smooth, unmistakable texture and finish.


Norfolk Nog is great with grilled meats and ham and is also good with robust puddings and fruity desserts.