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Poetic License Distillery was born on the rugged coastline of the North East in 2015 with an appetite to break traditions and quench the thirst of the Wild Spirits out there! Master Distiller, Luke Smith has created a range of characterful, handcrafted spirits where drinkers come to expect the unfamiliar…


“Our story really has to start with Gracie, our 500-litre hybrid still. Believe it or not all our spirits are made in our bar – it was built around Gracie. She can be used as both a pot still and a column still which for us means we can combine the traditional method of making gin with all our hand selected botanicals being macerated in the pot and then boiled, with a column still process to purify the alcohol to make our spirits incredibly smooth. She gives us the freedom to express ourselves and the liberty to deviate from conventional rules to find a tastier way!



It’s the additions here and the omissions there that transform the original you know so well, into something with much more character and unforgettable flavours. We believe in bucking the trend and being bold – it’s why we started the distillery and it’s what moves us forward.


We are most famous for our gins and our creative experiments with flavours. Whenever I am at the distillery I usually have a test batch of something on the go, so I am constantly playing with flavours and developing ideas for our next spirits. We create a new limited edition ‘Rareties’ gin every 2 months. This year’s editions include Espresso, Tutti Frutti, Sweet Bell Pepper & Naga Chilli and most recently an Agave Nectar Gin.


 We are made up to be showcasing our delicious Fireside Spiced gin in Greene King pubs this winter. My vision here, as the name suggests was really about creating a gin you could enjoy while cosying up around the glowing amber warmth of the fireplace. As well as the usual notes coming from juniper, coriander and orrisroot, you get sweetness from dried winter fruits but also zingy freshness from clementine and warmth from the mulling spice blend of cinnamon, clove and star anise.


You can enjoy this gin however you want but I would try it with tonic or ginger ale. We’ve just given Fireside Spiced gin a new look too – so look out for a gloriously beautiful burgundy and gold decorated bottle on the back bar of your local Greene King pub and get involved!”


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