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You are probably wondering who Ron Salzmann is, and what he has to do with the above wine, let us explain. Ron Salzmann founded Palmetto back in the 1970s after settling in the Barossa Valley from New York. Salzmann built an illustrious life in the US, becoming a well-known philanthropist and art dealer, famous for his penchat for classic cars, artwork and passion or design. A series of tragedies led Ron to sail on his yacht, the original Palmetto, from New York to Palm Spring, then the Pacifics and finally to Australia.


Following his many adventures aboard Palmetto, Salzmann finally found his home in the northern region of the Barossa Valley. Salzmann’s vision of a vinous oasis like those he saw during the heyday of Palm Springs in the 1950s became an obsession throughout his later life. Many argue that it was this passion that lef to his untimely demise in 1999.


Combining their love of history and storytelling, the enthusiastic Palmetto team are now the custodians of the Palmetto brand, working to celebrate the lesser-known heroes of the Barossa Valley. They vow to restore the Palmetto Family Estate to its former glory, offering a modern perspective on Barossan classic wines through Palmetto Wine Co. Taking inspiration from Ron’s life, adventures and love of Mid-Century Palm Springs, Palmetto Wine Co. pays homage to this trailblazing, enigmatic lothario – the Barossa Valley’s own Jay Gatsby.




Palmetto Wine Co. is a collaborative project created by the people behind the McLaren Vale's Alpha Box & Dice. Where Alpha Box & Dice wines are experimental and bend traditional wine-making norms in terms of style, variety and region, Palmetto wines are instead modern interpretations of classic Barossa styles. By creating stylish, approachable and comfortable wines that are hallmarks of the Barossa’s history, Palmetto offer a fresh, modern perspective to well-known South Australian varieties.


Brothers Dylan and Justin Fairweather are the current custodians of the Palmetto estate, both born and bred in the Barossa Valley, they are the perfect candidates to breathe life into the Palmetto brand. Their vision is to bring a new generation of Barossa Valley wine-making, showcasing their creations to wine lovers worldwide. The team has the support of the Alpha Box & Dice team, helping to combine experience with the innovative ideas of the Fairweather brothers. The two brands work harmonously together to cover a full spectrum of modern South Australia winemaking from the experimental vinous laboratory in McLaren Vale to the contemporary classics of the Barossa.


We think Ron would be proud of the result!




"With bright acidity and minerality, this is classic Eden Valley Riesling at its best"


This Riesling has a clean, pale straw complexion in the glass, displaying zesty aromatic notes of citrus and green apple, with slight floral tones coming through. The palate is well-balanced with crisp natural acidity, quintessential of dry Eden Valley Rieslings, combined with bright notes of honeysuckle and stone fruits. The wine was cool fermented and whole-bunch pressed to reduce bitterness and maintain the lovely varietal flavours. Rieslings are traditionally versatile with food, this can be enjoyed with the traditional pub classic Fish & Chips.


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