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Monkey Shoulder. 100% Malt Whisky Made For Mixing.


The warmth of spring and summer is near. You're going to want a refreshing tipple in the sun. Well that's where we come in. But we know what you're thinking.


A scotch whisky? Made for mixing? In a cocktail? Sounds unconventional doesn’t it? Good. We like that.


We're bringing great scotch to a new generation of whisky drinkers. That's you, by the way.


So why are we called Monkey Shoulder? The name actually comes from our very own distillery workers, who suggested it after the shoulder strain injury once sustained by their predecessors who turned the barley by hand as it malted.


But what makes our scotch whisky so special? Why is it exciting whisky virgins and scotch experts alike, earning top accolades the world over? And why are we so cheeky to suggest that your Monkey Shoulder should be drunk in a cocktail? Here's why.


No other whisky is truly 100% malt whisky made for mixing! Made in small batches, Monkey Shoulder is expertly blended using three different speyside single malts. Our three monkeys represent each of the three different single malts, blended together to achieve our special target taste. And when you get quality malts that are then continuously married, allowing them to mellow together, you get our unique flavour profile.


Think richness. Think vibrancy. Allow your senses to be enlightened with the smell of zesty orange, mellow vanilla honey and spiced oak. The taste of mellow vanilla  with spicy hints. The finish, simply, super smooth.



The warming spice of ginger is as hot and zesty as it is sweet and warm. As aromatic as it is flavourful.


Zesty, tangy with a supremely recognisable sweetness, bringing vibrancy to the palate.


Fruity, sweet and mellow, vanilla has a perfumed aroma and plays the perfect complement.


Sweet, woody, hot and spicy – a combination not many flavours meet.

Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? Ok, let’s get down to how you should enjoy your new scotch friend.

Well, of course, with the quality of malts and smooth finish we’ve created, we’re not going to deny you the opportunity to sip our scotch, on the rocks. That would be irresponsible, even for us.

But it really comes to life when we mix it up. The fruity aromas and mellow vanilla notes make it the perfect whisky for mixing into a fresh, fruity cocktail.

Here’s a few cocktail concoctions that should take your fancy.


Monkey Splash

Be more sophisticated than you are.

Scotch + soda = A little slice of monkey heaven.


Monkey Roy

Paint the town orange.

Putting the vermouth zest to the monkey test, combining them with bitters and orange zest.


Show me the Monkey

A speyside orchard on a summer day.

A little Monkey, Drambuie and some fresh apple juice finished with fresh mint and an orange slice.


Here’s to you, enjoying your new favourite drink that you didn’t know tasted this good at your local Greene King Pub.


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