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Guiness Hop House 13


Hop House 13

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Hop House 13 was introduced to the masses in October 2015, but it has been brewing for hundreds of years…Rewind 256 years and a 34 year old Arthur Guinness moves to from County Kildare to Dublin. On the 31st of December 1759, Arthur signs a 9000-year lease on a small, disused and ill-equipped property at St. James’s Gate and starts to brew ale.


For just £45 a year, Arthur is allowed to develop and perfect his brew. In 1799 a dark beer from London – called ‘porter’ due to its popularity with the city’s street and river porters – is becoming ever more popular in Dublin. Never one to play it safe, Arthur makes the courageous choice to stop brewing ales and concentrate on perfecting his bold, black beer.


The Guinness brewery’s pioneering spirit continued throughout its history. St. James’ Gate is unique in itself, some calling it a “City within a City”. The operation inside its walls were so vast that they had their own railway system, medical department, fire brigade and canteens for their staff. In the early 1800s, while other breweries stay close to home, Guinness goes its own way and braves the perils of sea travel to export its famous black beer across the globe, from Europe to Africa and the Americas… all the way to New Zealand.

Hop House Beer

Fast forward to 2014 and Guinness is a worldwide household name, with breweries in Africa, Asia and Ireland and at St. James Gate a new and exciting venture is taking shape. Guinness launches the “Brewers Project”. This select group of enterprising brewers is set on a quest to explore new brews, reinterpret historic recipes and experiment with ways to bring exciting new beers to life.

Born from this is Hop House 13. Named after an early 1900’s hop store building at St. James’s Gate where hops are still stored, Hop House 13 is a double-hopped lager made with Irish barley and aromatic hops and continues the 256 years of heritage and brewing excellence at St. James’s Gate. Guinness brewer, Peter Simpson who led the development of Hop House 13 said, “I personally enjoy more flavoursome beers, so I wanted to make a lager with lots of character and flavour. After some months of exploring different recipes and collaborating with the other brewers, we created Hop House 13.”


Hop House 13 is a distinctive golden lager that is brewed with Guinness yeast, Irish barley and the best of hops from both Australia and USA – Galaxy, Topaz, (AUS) and Mosaic (USA). It has a sweet fruity aroma, with hints of Apricot and Peach, and subtle malt notes breaking through. Hop House 13 is full flavoured while still being crisp and hoppy with a refreshing clean finish.


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