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Duppy Rum


Duppy Share Rum

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Quite simply - the Founders of The Duppy Share love rum and they love the Caribbean. So much so in fact that when they thought “why is the spirit of the Caribbean so lacking the SPIRIT of the Caribbean?” they did something about it. They launched their own brand. “When we think of the Caribbean we think of sunshine, good times, energy, fun, carnival and excitement” says George Frost, the very first Duppy. “But we felt that rum brands, the Caribbean’s main export, were completely lacking any of this, many looked even older (and more boring) than aged whiskies.”


“One evening I was sitting at my favourite rum bar in Jamaica for the third night running, and there was a shot of rum always left at the end of the bar. I finally asked Wayne (he has the greatest laugh in the world) what it was and he said “that’s for the Duppies, we gotta keep those guys happy. When George asked more about the Duppies, he knew his calling was The Duppy Share…


But what is the Duppy Share? “In the world of whiskey, as the spirit ages some of it evaporates. In Scotland and Ireland they say this goes to the angels and they call it The Angel Share. In the Caribbean though, they don’t believe that rubbish. They think that spirits (called Duppies) swoop between the distilleries, stealing the best of the rum. They then blend it all together and have an almighty party. They call this rum The Duppy Share. Sitting there chatting long into the night with Wayne, that’s when I realised I had to introduce more people to The Duppy Share.”

Duppy Carribean Rum

“We did exactly what the Duppies do, we went to the best distilleries in the Caribbean and pleaded with them to give us their rum. We contemplated stealing it, but thought better of it. Incredibly we managed to persuade two genuine distilling all stars in Richard Seale and Gordon Clarke to part with some of their incredible liquid gold. Richard, owner of the Four Square distillery in Barbados, gave us a deliciously smooth, oaky 5 year old rum. Gordon, the owner of the Worthy Park distillery in Jamaica gave us a 3-year old 100% pot still rum that is punky, bananaree, and blends with the Barbadian rum completely perfectly.”


“In terms of how to drink our rum… You don’t need a beautiful man with 96 tattoos wearing braces, sporting the perfect exaggerated moustache, a cocktail shaker and around 8-10 minutes you will never get back. You just need rum plus one. So get some ice, add the Duppy and splash in any of coke, soda, ginger, pineapple or more Duppy. We love it with pineapple, but who are we to say how you should drink it?”


“To be stocked in Greene King’s epic pubs really makes us the proudest Duppies the world has ever known. Their relaxed vibe, passionate and hilarious team and amazing range of drinks makes them to perfect Duppy backdrop.”


“The Caribbean is very far away, and expensive to get to. But, after a day of hard(ish) work, sipping on Duppy in a Greene King pub is always Caribbean enough for me.”


Well its hard to be quite as enthusiastic as George, but all of us here at Greene King are very excited to introduce you to The Duppy Share. Its superb, and we think that Wayne would be very proud of it…


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