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Brew Dog

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BrewDog came howling into the world in 2007, the result of two childhood friends having become obsessed by the hop-fuelled flavours of American craft beer. 


So homebrewing became their punk rock. The only way to feed their passion. That punk mantra – if the existing scene doesn’t cater for you then start your own – became all-pervading. With no choice but to make their own James and Martin did just that, and named their first beer Punk IPA.


In the eleven years since, BrewDog has grown from two humans (and their dog) into the fastest-growing food and drinks business in the UK. Employing over 800 people on four continents, craft beer lovers in more than 55 different countries now get to share in that passion and get a taste of exactly what BrewDog are about.

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To this day, BrewDog exists to break down barriers – to shout from the rooftops about the amazing variety, flavour and stories that craft beer brings with it. Their mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are, and this starts with the first sip of the first BrewDog beer someone orders.


Craft beer is gaining ground because of the skill, dedication and – above all – experimentation of the men and women who turn up to work each morning and create these beers. Choice is a great thing. But choice can be something that works against a newcomer to the scene. What are all these different beers? Where should I start?

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Punk IPA is Brewdog's flagship beer that began the revolution. The beer has become a byword for craft beer rebellion; synonymous with the revolt against mass produced, lowest common denominator beer.


At 5.6% ABV the beer is a full-on full-flavour, full throttle India Pale Ale delivering an explosion of tropical fruit and an all-out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee. Nothing will be the same again


In short, it is a beer that James and Martin want to drink. Which is exactly how and why BrewDog were founded, a decade and more ago. And if that isn’t craft beer in microcosm then what is?


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