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Band of Brewers

Making the Beer


The Pubs with Character campaign typifies Greene King. It’s all about the people. Up and down the country Greene King teams work hard to make their pubs and beers the very best they can be giving customers the ultimate pub experience.


So what better way to make a beer than to get together a selection of our best and brightest pub landlords? The people who run pubs and serve pints of ale every day.


So that’s exactly what we did. On a chilly day in February a select group of pub landlords came to the historic town of Bury St Edmunds, to visit the Greene King Brewery – to create a new beer! A beer with character, developed by characters from the four corners of the country. Our Band of Brewers!


Greene King have been brewing ales since 1799, that’s over 200 years of expertise and know how. On this day, Greene King’s resident ale expert, Brewer Ross O’Hara was on hand to show them the ropes. After a quick history lesson of the key milestones in the business’s past, the group were whisked off on a tour around the brewery, starting where the process begins, on the roof, where this gravity-fed brewhouse stores the water before descending into the brewery below. 


As the group got to grips with the brewing process, they discussed the beer in depth and it became obvious there was a clear direction this beer was headed. A golden coloured ale, at a mid-weight ABV, but with plenty of hops! It was at this point that Ross disappeared & minutes later staggered in carrying bags and bags of American hops! The room was soon filled with a cocktail of beery citrus & pine aromas from the mountains of hop pellets. The Band of Brewers were put to work to devise the optimum blend of hops from a choice of Citra, Simcoe, Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo. Blending these varieties in different quantities and proportions can change the complete flavour profile of the beer – both in taste and aroma. 

After the pestle & mortars had done their work bashing up the hop combinations, and recipes were scribbled down, Ross whittled it down to three blends. And then, after much deliberation, a chosen one. The hops for Band of Brewers IPA are: Citra, Simcoe & Cascade. (But the precise proportions & quantities are a brewer’s secret!) 


Band of Brewers was born.


A 4.4% golden coloured IPA, with bags of hop character. A fresh wave of citrus aroma followed by a lip-smacking burst of flavour – grapefruit with a piney edge.



Band of Brewers is available from 19th March in Greene King pubs up and down the country, go and try our newest brew for yourself!